4 Quick Tips to Increase Your Motivation and Effort

If you’re just not feeling it at the gym anymore, lost your motivation or haven’t made it there in months (maybe since the New Year) It is time that you make a change and get back on track. Increase your motivation and effort with these 4 quick tips:

  1. Know Your Weaknesses and ATTACK THEM
    One of the reasons people lose interest in the gym? They avoid the stuff they are not good at. I’m pretty sure I talk about this at least once a day. STOP AVOIDING THINGS YOU’RE NOT GOOD AT. You will never fully benefit from ANY workout program if you pick and choose what you want to do. You will not improve. It just won’t happen. When most people stop seeing improvement they quit. Don’t let this be you. If you know your weaknesses attack them. Get after them. Make them your bitch. Show up to that workout you’ve been dreading all week, after you conquer it you’ll feel 1000% better. A TON of our members have individualized programs to help them get after those weaknesses too. Getting a program tailored around your weaknesses will not only make you better in the gym, but better in life.
  2. Set Goals For Yourself That are Specific If you feel like you “half-ass it” far too often(especially in the warm-up and skill portions), then it’s time for you to create more specific training goals.  How many rounds do you want to get? What do you want to get out of your training today?  Do you want to try to lift heavier today? If you don’t focus on certain goals you want to achieve, you’ll just end up going through the motions and not getting much out of your workout. Write them down and bring it to class with you so you can see it.
  3. Get Yourself Accountable…now. This one is HUGE. Tell others your goals, your plan, your mission. Let other people know when you’re going to train, what you’re going to do and how it went. Don’t come off as snotty or arrogant about it though…If you want to push harder, get a training partner, coach or a group to help you perform better. Accountability and support are the STRONGEST tools for your success.
  4. Keep Track of ALL Your Results We are all motivated by our results, both our own and others that are like us. We can get far more motivated when we are tracking our results, comparing ourselves to what we used to be able to do, or looking forward to what will be able to do in the future. Write down your workouts, numbers, positives, learning lessons and takeaways so that you can use this info for even more motivation. We offer a great tool called Wodify, USE IT. You’ll be glad you did.