Think Fast! Work Out in the Morning

There’s hope for some of you 5:00am fitness lovers!

From ScienceDaily:

“A study of older Australians has found a morning bout of moderate-intensity exercise improves cognitive performance like decision-making across the day compared to prolonged sitting without exercise. It also shows that a morning bout of exercise combined with brief walking breaks to frequently disrupt sitting throughout an eight-hour day can boost short-term memory compared to uninterrupted sitting, according to the study.”

According the the research,

“The ‘Brain Breaks’ study, led by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and The University of Western Australia, also shows that the distinct responses in cognitive performance to exercise versus exercise and sitting breaks point to different patterns of physical activity being able to enhance distinct aspects of cognition.

The study of more than 65 males and females aged 55 — 80 years examined the effects of acute morning exercise on a treadmill with and without brief 3 minute walking breaks during an 8-hour day of prolonged sitting…”


In short, you may feel groggy in the early morning hours before and during your workout, but it can make you a little sharper when pushing those papers all day. Who needs coffee anyways? I’ve been saying it for years.