Want to Gain Muscle Mass? Eat More.

A lot of use think this is the simplest way to gain muscle mass: Lift weights. While it IS technically true, your body cannot grow big strong muscles without food. Now it becomes a simple math equation and math is hard (for most people)

Food+Lifting = Muscle Mass

If you’re trying to grow strong muscles it’s going to take a lot of will power and food consumption effort on your end. With that being said: Vegans you should stop reading here (I love you all, I love what you do and I commend you for doing it but this blog is about to get meaty)

Here are some things that can assist in #muscles

  1. The Incredible Edible Egg

Rewind 20 years ago and eggs caused high cholesterol and were the worst thing for you EVER. They even had their moment to shine on those terrible Saturday morning anti-drug commercials. Any questions? Most of that garbage about how bad eggs are has been debunked (for now) Eggs are a GREAT source of protein. Hell, I eat 4 every morning while watching cartoons. Eggs contain all the amino acids your body and muscles need along with healthy fats and a touch of vitamin D. That’s why I listed them first!

2. Ya Gotta Eat Meat

There’s a reason why all these body builders and powerlifters eat beef and chicken nonstop. Beef alone has iron, zinc, those B Vitamins and creatine. That’s the muscle building lottery. Chicken, on the other hand, is a leaner choice of protein and can also help promote muscle repair and maintenance. This blog is making me hungry.

3. Something is Fishy Around Here…

Seafood is basically pure protein and a treasure trove of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s have SO many benefits. Here’s your #funfact for the day: Every 3 ounces of shrimp has 18 grams of protein and 0 carbs. So what if they resemble little sea bugs? They are delicious.

4. I’ll Take Protein Supplements for $500, Alex

Protein powder is the best thing to take after a really intense workout. It’s useful for increasing muscle mass and preventing the breakdown of muscle and promoting muscle recovery. After you get done working out, your body is begging to be replenished of all it’s depleted energy, give it what it wants. It wants a protein shake…a chocolate one…

5. Fat is Where it’s At

Fat does NOT make you fat. Didn’t the 80’s and 90’s teach you anything? Sugar makes you fat…fyi…Fat is VERY important if you’re looking to gain muscles. Fat’s help in the production of hormones responsible for muscle growth. Some great sources of fat are nuts, seeds and oils (coconut, olive oil etc…) along with avocados from Mexico.

IN CLOSING, to be brutally honest, most of you will need to increase your protein intake 3x’s the amount it is now. Chug 2 protein shakes and eat half a dozen eggs for breakfast and you might start seeing your muscles grow. Like I said…it’s going to take will power….best of luck to you.